I hate you
130527 Jihun
Diary Info
Original Title: I hate you!!
Translated Title: N/A
Written By: Jihun
Date Written: 130527[~28]
Date Uploaded: 130529
Original Language(s): Korean
Diary Guide
Soonyoung 130527: 'Vacuum Cleaner'
R.MA 130529: 'Troublemakers'

Original TextEdit


오늘 학교 마치고 연습실로 오는길에 갑자기 비가 많이 내렸다.

비가 온다는 정보를 몰라서 우산을 못 챙겼다....

비를 쫄딱 맞으면서 연습실에 왔다.

비가 오는게 젤 싫다.


오늘도 비가왔다

오늘도 우산을 안챙겼다.

오늘도 비 쫄딱 맞았다.

비가 오는게 젤 싫다

Translated TextEdit


On my way to practice room after school ended today, suddenly it started to rain heavily. 

I didn’t know the forecast about it’ll rain so I didn’t brought an umbrella....

I arrived at the practice room fully drenched in rain.

I really hate rainy days.


Today it’s raining too. 

Today I didn’t brought an umbrella too.

Today I’m fully drenched too.

I really hate rainy days.

Translation CreditsEdit

17i-wasseoyo @ tumblr