130522 Seokmin
Diary Info
Original Title: 저녁
Translated Title: Dinner
Written By: Seokmin
Date Written: 130522
Date Uploaded: 130523
Original Language(s): Korean
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Original TextEdit

저녁은 항상 연습실에서 먹는다.

오늘 연습실 들어오는 길에 급식 이모들을 보았다.

항상 날 볼때마다 웃으시면서 말을 걸어 주신다.

그래서 더 맛있나? ~ㅋ

오늘은 잡채!! 집에서 해주는것 같아 더 좋다.

앞으로도 맛있는 반찬 부탁드립니다~

Translated TextEdit

I always eat dinner in the practice room.

Today on the way inside to the practice room I saw our Aunties

Whenever they see me they always smile while talking to me.

Perhaps that makes it more tasty?~ ke

Today we have Japchae!! I like it more as it feels like I’m at home

From now on please make more tasty banchan~

Translation CreditsEdit

dokyungsoo  @ twitter 

Additional Credit: 17i-wasseoyo @ Tumblr