It’s Seunggwan
130518 Seungkwan
Diary Info
Original Title: 승관이에요
Translated Title: It’s Seunggwan
Written By: Seungkwan
Date Written: 130518
Date Uploaded: 130519
Original Language(s): Korean
Diary Guide
Doyoon 130517: 'Lanterns'
Junhui 130521: 'I'm Fortunate'

Original TextEdit

오늘 연습이 끝나고 숙소 앞  편의점에 갔다.

세븐틴 단골 편의점 일곱열하나

분위기있게 블루레몬에이드를 사서 계산을 했다.

근데 편의점 점원님이 나에게 말하길

"요즘 이거 자주드시네요 성관씨"

Translated TextEdit

Today after practice we went to the store which is in front of the dorm.

It’s the seven eleven store where 17 is a regular customer.

I felt like buying blue lemonade and decided to bought it.

When I was paying for it the store clerk asked

"You’ve been drinking this a lot Seonggwan-ssi."

Translation CreditsEdit

jjhees-corner @ tumblr