It's A Shame
130523 Soonyoung
Diary Info
Original Title: 아쉽다
Translated Title: It's A Shame
Written By: Soonyoung
Date Written: 130523
Date Uploaded: 130525
Original Language(s): Korean
Diary Guide
Seokmin 130522: 'Dinner'
Seungcheol, Jisoo, Soonyoung, Seungkwan, Chan, & Meerkat 130524~26: 'Creating Memories'

Original TextEdit

오늘은 원우랑 보컬수업시간에서 녹음하면서 모니터하자고

선생님께서 말씀하셨는데 마침 녹음기계가 고장나서 오늘 못했다.

너무 아쉽다

화요일에 꼭 시켜주신다하셨다.

연습용녹음말고 우리곡도 빨리하고싶다.

다 함께 세븐틴 곡을 녹음하는 그날까지 고고고!!

Translated TextEdit

During vocal class with Wonwoo, while recording, our teacher told us to monitor as well

but just then the recording machine broke down so we couldn’t do it today.

Such a shame.

We must proceed on Tuesday.

I want to record rather than practice and also hurry and make our own song.

Until the day 17 records their own song gogogo!!

Translation CreditsEdit

dokyungsoo @ twitter