Field Trip
130513 Chan
Diary Info
Original Title: 수학여행
Translated Title: Field Trip
Written By: Chan
Date Written: 130513
Date Uploaded: 130513
Original Language(s): Korean
Diary Guide
Jihun 150513: 'Seokmin-ie'

Original Text

오늘 우리학교 수학여행 가는날....

내 친구들은 옷도 예쁘게 입고 학교 운동장에

모두 집합해서 여행 갈 채비를 하고있었다

하지만 나는 쓸쓸히 혼자 교복을 입고 등교했다

너무 외로웠다

난 끝나고 연습하러간다

연습하는건 재밌지만 오늘은 살짝 하기시렀다

선생님 한분이 내가 안쓰럽다며 초콜릿과 사탕을 주셨다..


하지만 너무 외로웠다..

담엔 꼭 가야겠다...

Translated Text

Today our school will be having field trip....

My friends even used pretty clothes and at the school field

They’re all gathering and preparing to go

but I’m the only one using the school uniform

I feel so lonely

Then I go practice after it

The practice was fun but I just hate today

A teacher felt sorry for me then gave me a chocolate and candy

It’s delicious

but I’m so lonely..

I guess I should go next time...

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