Jang Doyoon
Birth Name Jang Doyoon (장도윤)
Stage Name Doyoon (도윤)
Birthday August 31st, 1995
Hometown Busan, South Korea
Position Singer
Years Active 2012-Present
Nationality Korean
Genre K-pop
Label Pledis Entertainment (2011-2014[?])
Associated Acts Seventeen, After School, Hello Venus, Nu'est

Jang Doyoon, known better simply as Doyoon, is a Korean actor. He was a Seventeen pre-member, though left the group, and possibly the agency, in 2014.


Before Seventeen


Departure From Seventeen

On July 11th, 2014, Pledis Entertainment updated the Seventeen website to show new profile pictures of the pre-members and a new group photo. Along with the new photos, there was a line-up change. Doyoon, along with other past pre-member Mingming, had been taken off of the list of pre-members, and a new pre-member named Minghao had been added. It is unknown if Doyoon has left only Seventeen, or Pledis as a whole. Neither Pledis nor Doyoon have commented on his departure. The specific timing nor reasoning for his departure is known, though the time he left is thought to be somewhere between April 7th and May 21st. This is due to Doyoon having posted a selfie of him in the Pledis vocal room on the latter date, and current pre-member Joshua posting a selfie of himself at the profile shoot where the photos the would eventually show Mingming's departure were taken on the latter. It is also unknown if Pledis dropped Doyoon, or if Doyoon walked.

After Seventeen

Not much is known of Doyoon's whereabouts since his departure from Seventeen. It is unknown if he still resides in Seoul, or has moved back to his hometown, Busan. It can be assumed that he still wishes to pursue his dream of acting, though he may be taking a break currently.  


Music Show Appearances

  1. [2011.12.29] SBS Gayo Daejun
  2. [2013.12.29] SBS Gayo Daejun

  1. Backup dancer for After School
  2. Backup dancer for Hello Venus

Music Video Appearances

  1. [2011.11.30] Love Letter
  2. [2012.01.16] Love Letter (Pledis Boys Version)
  3. [2012.03.14] Face
  4. [2012.05.08] Venus

  1. Happy Pledis
  2. Happy Pledis
  3. Nu'est
  4. Hello Venus

TV Show Appearances

  1. [2011.06.24] SBS Miracle Audition
  2. [2013.08.14] Happy! Rose Day

Personal Life

Doyoon previously attended the School Of Performing Arts (SOPA). He graduated on February 13th, 2014. He has one sister named Eunkyung who is 2 years older than him (born in 1993). His family consists of at least a mother and a father. Doyoon became a Pledis trainee sometime in 2011, most likely after his SBS audition.