Lee Chan
Birth Name Lee Chan (이찬)
Stage Name Chan (찬)
Birthday February 11, 1999
Hometown Iksan-si, Jeollakbu-do, South Korea
Position Rapper and dancer
Years Active 2012-Present
Nationality Korean
Genre K-pop, Hip Hop
Label Pledis Entertainment
Associated Acts Seventeen

Lee Chan, known better simply as Chan, is a Korean rapper. He is a current pre-member of the K-pop boy group Seventeen.


Before Seventeen



Concert Appearances

  1. [2014.08.08] WAPOP Show
  2. [2014.08.10] WAPOP Show
  3. [2014.08.12] WAPOP Show
  4. [2014.08.17] WAPOP Show
  5. [2014.08.19] WAPOP Show
  6. [2014.08.22] WAPOP Show
  7. [2014.08.24] WAPOP Show
  8. [2014.08.26] WAPOP Show
  9. [2014.08.29] WAPOP Show
  10. [2014.09.05] WAPOP Show
  11. [2014.09.07] WAPOP Show
  12. [2014.09.12] WAPOP Show

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  2. Various Artists
  3. Various Artists
  4. Various Artists
  5. Various Artists
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Music Show Appearances

  1. [2014.08.22] Music Bank
  2. [2014.08.24] Inkigayo
  3. [2014.08.31] Inkigayo

  1. Backup dancer for Orange Caramel
  2. Backup dancer for Orange Caramel
  3. Backup dancer for Orange Caramel

Music Video Appearances

  1. [2014.08.17] My Copycat

  1. Orange Caramel

TV Show Appearances

  1. [2006.xx.xx] Truth Game
  2. [2011.09.09] MBC Star Audition
  3. [2014.09.12] Explore KOREA

Personal Life

Chan previously attended Sangbong Middle School. He graduated from the school on February 12th, 2014. It is unknown what high school he currently goes to. He has one younger brother, whose name and age are unknown. His family consists of at least a father, a mother, a grandmother, and a younger brother. His father made an appearance on 17tv. His parents met in a dance class, and his father teaches Hip Hop dance classes. He became a Pledis trainee anywhere from June 2012 to December 2012.